"Fast" Fred Lennox Jr.
Birth Date:  August 15
Hometown:  Troy, NY


Fred hadnít picked up an instrument until the age of 18, but the choice to play bass was simple.   Everyone he knew at the time was either playing guitar or drums.  Influenced by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Triumph, among others, he taught himself to play, and joined a hometown band called "Raw Iron.Ē  The 3-piece power band patterned themselves after Black Sabbath and enjoyed small successes.  Upon the bandís break up, Fred headed out for Las Vegas in 1990 to start a new life.

Fred never lost his desire for creating and performing music while making his way in Las Vegas as a casino slot machine mechanic, and more recently as a traffic technician for the City of North Las Vegas. He studied music theory with a local master.  In May 2000, he answered Steveís ad for a bass player..