Lloyd Zellner
Birth Date:  July 17
Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY


Lloyd, born in Miami, Florida and raised in Brooklyn, New York, was interested in music from an early age.  Beginning at age 5, piano lessons were a weekly routine that started Lloyd playing keyboards.  Being in his first band at age 13 was quite an experience, and a real motivator.  After moving to Los Angeles, Lloyd quickly joined a group of musicians playing "cover" tunes at the local high schools and weekend parties.  Musical influences include Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Styx, and Yes.  Lloyd's music career was put on hold, raising a family and building a career in Information Technology, which has proven to be helpful, with all the new computer-based recording equipment available today.  Affectionately called “The Professor” by the band, Lloyd joined in the earliest sessions in August 2000.